North Carolina Couple Gets $1.5 Million In Hernia Patch Lawsuit

Posted on Sep 29, 2010
A North Carolina couple has received $1.5 million in damages after a defective hernia patch caused years of pain, surgery, and complications. Christopher Thorpe was awarded $1.5 million for his medical bills, pain, and suffering, while his wife Laure Thrope was awarded $200,000 in damages. The defective medical device lawsuit was filed against CR Bard Inc. and Davol Inc. for their defective and dangerous Composix Kugel hernia patches.

The Compsix Kugel hernia patches were recalled nationally in 2005 after multiple reports of the mesh patch losing its recoil ring inside of patients, often causing internal damage, organ damage, and infection. An estimated 2,700 people filed medical malpractice lawsuits against the company across the country.

Thorpe received the defective hernia patch in November of 2005 and began to suffer from complications in 2007. He received one surgery to repair an abscess after suffering from redness, pain, and fever and then returned to the emergency room soon after with even further complications and signs of sepsis.  At that time, doctors removed all parts of the hernia patch and tried to fix his damaged intestines as much as they were able, though the abdominal contamination and bowel perforations made it impossible to fully fix the issues caused by the Compsix Kugel product.

Bard and Davol’s insurance company will cover the cost of the compensation – and is also covering a number of other settlements related to the defective hernia patch.

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