North Carolina Animal Control Officer Shoots Loose Pit Bull

Posted on May 28, 2010
The Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office and the Concord Police are under fire from local residents who say that a Sheriff’s deputy unnecessarily shot a loose pit bull that was not acting aggressive or vicious toward humans.

Last week in North Carolina, two pit bulls escaped from their fenced yard when their owners were out to dinner – and a neighbor called to alert police to the large, loose dogs. When Concord Police arrived, they attempted to catch the dog for almost an hour before calling an animal control officer with the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Department. That deputy also attempted to catch the dog before shooting it dead.

Witnesses say that they shot the dog because they were frustrated, not because the dog was acting aggressively or attempting to bite anyone. And an interview caught on tape between the officer and the dog’s owner reveals that shooting the pit bull was not a last resort. Jeff Daniels, the dog’s owner, says that Bella had never before received a complaint or broken the law, while a written statement from a witness said that the dog was simply running away from officers, not threatening them. Finally, many in the neighborhood were upset that a handgun was used in their neighborhood – and next to two houses – something that could be more dangerous than a dog bite or dog attack.

Animal control said that a tranquilizer could not have been used since the offer lacked training for that weapon. The owner has hired a lawyer in Raleigh and is considering a lawyer in this NC pit bull case.

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