North Carolina #8 In Car Accident Insurance Fraud & Staged Accidents

Posted on Jan 27, 2010
Perhaps the most important rule about getting fair compensation from your insurance company is to tell the complete truth about your car accident and injuries. While insurance companies do have a history of awarding unfair amounts or denying valid claims, there is absolutely no reason to try and cheat a company for insurance money – it is illegal and wrong. The best way to fight an unfair car accident insurance claim in North Carolina is to call an experienced insurance dispute lawyer.

Unfortunately, according to a new report, North Carolina has the eighth-highest rate of car accident insurance fraud in the nation. The National Insurance Crime Bureau released car accident staging and insurance fraud rates this week and reported that North Carolina had 2,194 instances of staged auto accidents and faked car insurance claims. Nationally, the rate of staged car accidents rose 5.8 percent, with 74,676 questionable claims filed in 2009.

Staged accidents and fraudulent car accident insurance claims don’t just hurt the insurance company – they take money away from those who honestly need compensation for their car accidents and car accident injuries. Fraud claims can cause higher premium rates and cost insurance company hours of time better spent on real car accident victims. In other cases, car accident staging could involve one scammer and one innocent driver – someone who is hit by another car and then accused of being at fault for the accident.

If you think you have been involved in a staged car accident, call the police and your insurance company immediately.

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