North Carolina #6 For Commercial Truck Accidents Nationwide

Posted on May 25, 2010
North Carolina officials have had some idea that their work in reducing commercial truck accidents has to improve in the future, but a new report has revealed just how large a problem tractor-trailer accidents in North Carolina is. Out of all 50 states, North Carolina ranks number six in the country for the big rig and commercial truck accidents.

Although there are many reasons that North Carolina tractor-trailer accidents take place, state officials worry that a large part of the problem is that many trucks do not follow federal trucking regulations – and that North Carolina State Troopers have difficulty catching a significant percentage of violators.

According to ABC11 reporting out of Raleigh-Durham, 9.3 million trucks stopped at North Carolina weigh stations in 2009 but less than one out of 100 were inspected. Of those that were inspected, half had safety issues, maintenance issues, or other violations and 12 percent had to be taken off of the roads immediately. These violations, such as truckers who do not take mandatory brakes, trucks that are not well-maintained, trucks that are improperly loaded, or trucks that are over the weight limit can all cause serious and even deadly NC truck crashes.

Of course, truckers argue that cars and pickup trucks are the cause of many truck accidents in North Carolina, and that many don’t know how to properly share the road. Cars that are unaware of blind spots or cars that do not realize how long it takes for trucks to brake can cause accidents just as well as trucker fatigue or truck mechanical issues.

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