No Texting And Driving Law Goes Into Effect Tuesday Dec 1 In NC

Posted on Dec 03, 2009
On November 30, it was illegal for new and teenaged drivers in North Carolina to read or send text messages while driving. But starting Tuesday, December 1, it will be illegal for anyone driving in North Carolina to use their mobile devices to text message while behind the wheel.

While adult drivers will still legally be able to talk on their cell phones while driving, they will not be able to send text messages, read or send emails, or surf the internet when on the road. Those who break the new North Carolina texting law could face a $100 fine and any extra costs of going to court.

North Carolina is one of a large number of states that have passed no texting laws in the past few years. After the advent of cellular phones, more and more drivers have been distracted by their mobile devices while driving – a distraction that lawmakers believe result in a significant number of car accidents and car accident injuries. Seven states have even go so far as to ban handheld cell phone and mobile device use altogether.

In fact, several recent studies have revealed that distracted driving – and specifically text messaging – is a factor in a shocking number of car accidents and truck accidents. One recent study found that sending texts while driving increases the chances of an accident by four.

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