Nightclubs can be dangerous places

Posted on Feb 05, 2008
 A football player for the New Orleans Saints received personal injuries in what is sure to be a much talked about incident. During an altercation at a Georgia nightclub, Charles Grant, a defensive end for the Saints, was stabbed in the neck and a pregnant woman was shot to death.

According to a statement from Captain Will Caudill of the Sheriff’s Office of Early County, Grant was assaulted and received a personal injury to his neck. He received transport to Early Memorial Hospital for treatment after the attack and was later released.

Deputies from the Sheriff’s department responded to reports they had received of a fight at approximately 1 a.m. on Sunday, February 3 at a nightclub in Blakely, Georgia.

According to the police, during the incident, 23-year old Korynda  Reed was shot. She received transport to the Southeast Alabama Medical Center in Dothan, Alabama, where she eventually succumbed to her injuries and died. According to Sheriff Murkerson  of Early County, she was pregnant.

According to Caudill  there was no known connection between the  two victims.

The case is still under investigations and no arrests have been made.

Grant’s attorneys assured that the police would have his cooperation and assistance to recount the night’s events.

If this event had happened in North Carolina, would the nightclub be liable to Grant and to her dead woman's family?

The answer is that it depends upon the facts.

 Night club owners are required to use ordinary care to protect its' patrons. If the night club had reason to know that such violence would likely occur on its' premises and that the patrons would be exposed to harm, and did nothing to protect the customers from this danger the night club would be liable for all damage and injuries and the death which occurred as a result of such violence.

If however such violent acts were not foreseeable by the management of the night club, the club would not be liable.

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