New Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment: Tissue Resuscitation

Posted on Aug 04, 2014

brain injury treatmentBrain injuries cause a broad spectrum of symptoms, both temporary and permanent. In an accident, the area and degree of trauma our delicate brains experience can cause symptoms as minor as short-term memory loss, to complete memory loss, the inability to care for oneself, or speak.

Our traumatic brain injury attorneys in Raleigh post information about progressive brain injury treatments as they are reported. Most recently, the Congress of Neurological Surgeons' journal published a report of a controlled application of vacuum pressure used on traumatic brain injury victims. This procedure is called “mechanical tissue resuscitation” and involves a vacuum pressure application on damaged areas of the brain. (North Carolina had a small part in refining this technique: the research was completed by two doctors at Wake Forest University of Health & Sciences.)

Currently mechanical tissue resuscitation has been promising in non-human trials (pigs) and has yet to be implemented on a human patient. This still provides hope for traumatic brain injury victims. The application reduced bleeding, minimized the injured area, and helped brain tissues return to a "normal" state. No side effects like further brain damage or seizures were reported.

Curious about other treatments?

A TBI program for veterans and a new brain imaging system are showing great promise in helping create the most effective treatments. If those is not enough for you, read about three new treatments for brain injury victims.

Brain injuries effect every area of a person's life. A victim may not be able to return to work, care or provide companionship for their spouse or family, or lose their enjoyment of life. An injury claim will hinge on several factors, important factors are where and when the accident took place. Victims may be able to pursue a workers' compensation claim for job-related brain injuries, disability claim, or other. It is critical to review your case with a brain injury attorney to learn if you are still within the statute of limitations and have not missed the deadline. Fortunately, our law firm handles workers' comp cases, disability claims, and general injury claims. One of our attorneys is one of only 41 in North Carolina who is a Social Security Disability Specialist, and Brent Adams is board-certified in trial law. 

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