New Study on Post-Concussion Activity

Posted on Feb 23, 2016

concussion treatmentMany studies have shown that early diagnosis and rest after a concussion help improve healing and reduce the risk of long-term brain damage. Georgetown University recently released findings from a few years of research that involved modeling of repetitive mild brain trauma.

Now researchers have tests that show rest--always considered important for healing after an injury--produces significantly different outcomes in just a few days.

The studies were conducted on mice and found that a single concussive event produced no detectable damage if the victim rested for three days following the injury. Researchers also found that damage from repetitive mild concussions seemed to be restored when given a week to rest between injuries. Although long-term damage is more likely with repetitive injuries, even when rest is administered.

Whether an individual experiences repeated head trauma in combat, playing sports, or simply at home as the result of an abusive person - research continues to show that time-sensitive rest is critical in repairing damaged brain cells. When another person is hurt and faces a lifetime of suffering as a result of another party's wrongdoing, our brain injury attorneys in Raleigh can help pursue a claim.

Health is a priority when it comes to brain damage. Although there are statutes of limitations in North Carolina for injury claims, the victim can appoint another person through a power of attorney to manage their case while they focus on recovery treatment to maximize healing time. If the brain injury victim has suffered severe damage and is not deemed competent, a court-appointed guardian can oversee matters.

In order to get adequate rest after a concussion, first it's important to identify that someone has a concussion. Read our overview of concussion symptoms, which can range from anxiety to nausea, conditions many people might brush off as related to a stressful environment or a virus. Post-concussion syndrome might develop, which does not necessarily find relief in short-term care. A physician can advise on a treatment plan.

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