New Safety Standards for Car Seats

Posted on Jan 24, 2014

child safety seat requirementsCar safety seats for children are required to meet federal regulations, but now these regulations may change. Our auto accident attorneys in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn help car crash victims of all ages. Our lawyers want parents to know about the proposed federal regulation changes for car seats and how these requirements affect their children. Here we explain the proposed crash-test requirements and when they can expect these requirements enforced:

Current Car Seat Requirements

  • Right now all child safety seats must meet front crash-test requirements.

Proposed Car Seat Requirements

  • Child safety seats would need to meet side-impact crash-test requirements for crashes at 30 MPH. Car seats not meeting these standards will not be permitted for sale to the general public.


  • When the requirements are formally presented, there will be open to a 90-day public comment period. It may be a few years before regulations are formally imposed. Then manufacturers will have up to 3 years to modify car seats to meet the requirements.

Is your child too large for a child safety seat? Learn about North Carolina seat belt laws, failing to comply with these laws may result in allegations of child abuse.

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