New Research Shows Roadway Lighting Affects Car Crashes

Posted on Feb 06, 2013

raleigh car accident lawyerOur Raleigh car accident lawyers discovered professors and researchers completed a study in early 2013 that shows a direct relationship between available light on roads and car accidents. 

For the research, data from accidents recorded at intersections and on highways were used, and the amount of light was noted for each crash. Since visibility is not the only factor in car crashes, other variables were considered by the researching team, such as medians and signals. Even when factoring in these other features, research still showed a distinct pattern: Less light equals more accidents—but only in more developed areas.

Researchers created a prototype area from the data to analyze drivers’ reaction times under different levels of light. Rural areas showed little change in response time at intersections, however rural highways experienced greater effects.

North Carolina roads are a mix when it comes to rural and developed areas. Raleigh car accidents take place both in bright urban downtown areas and on the outskirts that are more rural, like parts of North Raleigh. As the Triangle continues to grow and I-540 nears completion, communities are just being built and existing areas are being revitalized. Hopefully, with this new research and proper planning of roadways, North Carolina will experience a drop in car accident rates as new strategically placed lighting systems are developed.

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