New Research: 1 out of 10 Car Accidents Related to Fatigue

Posted on Apr 18, 2013

raleigh car accident attorneysExperts used to think that fatigue-related crashes amounted for approximately 2% of car accidents. However, a new study shows fatigue plays a part in about 1 in 10 accidents. Not only that, but falling asleep at the wheel is more common during the day than at night.

Our Raleigh car accident attorneys recently wrote about new technology that helps car accident victims receive emergency help, services that may help save the lives of drivers involved in fatigue-related crashes who travel alone or who are not able to phone for help due to their car accident injuries. Based on the new study, these types of collision-detection services may be most beneficial to young drivers.

Teenage drivers tend to be affected most by daytime sleepiness. With early school days and late nights, often balancing homework with a job, teenagers experience more fatigue-related crashes. Adult drivers are tired too. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 37% of adult drivers have fallen asleep behind the wheel. More than half of adult drivers revealed they drove while tired.

Now experts have the data that supports figures of driver risk:

Drivers are four times more likely to be involved in a car accident if they choose to drive when they are tired. 

Being tired while driving may not always be caused by lack of sleep. Emotional or psychological fatigue related to conflicts in personal life, financial struggles, or a demanding job may cause an individual to be more tired than they would typically be.

Car accident injuries in crashes caused by fatigued drivers are more likely to be serious injuries, according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. This is mainly because the driver is unaware of their actions and makes no preventative attempts to avoid the crash, like slowing down or swerving. Commonly these crashes move off-road where collisions with surroundings could be fatal.

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