New Law for Oklahoma

Posted on Sep 25, 2016

The Oklahoma Supreme Court recently made a new change to their workers' compensation law because it was "unconstitutional," according to

Prior to this new law, businesses could "opt out" of the state workers' compensation plan and use their own plan. Now, businesses are no longer allowed to "opt out;" they must all abide by the state workers' comp plan.

This change will hopefully provide injured Oklahoma workers with proper compensation for their losses. 

O.K. attorney, Dan Davis, explains to Channel 4 News that injured employees have not been able to provide for their families because were not receiving enough benefits or proper medical care.

He talks to Channel 4 News about how terrible some company's workers' comp plans were before the new law. He states, "One plan doesn't provide for replacement of artificial limbs, so if you lost your arm, your leg, they wouldn't have to replace it with another artificial limb. That's how ridiculous these plans were."

The lawsuit that made this new law go into effect involved a Dillard employee was injured from lifting shoe boxes. This employee's claim was denied because Dillard's did not have to abide by the state-regulated workers' compensation plan. 

Dillard's is one of the over 60 companies that are now required to follow state-mandated workers' comp plans.

Previously injured employees are now hoping they can refile in order to receive the reward they deserve.

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