New App Reduces Prescription Errors

Posted on Jul 30, 2013

prescription errorOur medical malpractice lawyers in Raleigh read about a new smartphone app called MedSnap ID that identifies pills to help individuals know their drugs, which may help prevent patients from taking the wrong prescription drugs. Subscription-based MedSnap ID was created so that smartphone users can quickly and accurately identify a prescription drug by using their phone's camera combined with an extensive pharmaceutical library accessed by the app - with no Internet access required. This can help healthcare workers everywhere identify unlabeled pills, and patients verify they have the correct pills and dosage.

Although the app does not guarantee eliminating prescription error entirely, it is another modern tool to help prevent medical malpracticePrescription error is a medical malpractice event that may result in a patient unknowingly ingesting a drug that they are allergic to, that has detrimental side effects, that is ineffective, or that causes problems if combined with another prescription drug the patient is currently taking. A prescription error may also involve an overdose where a physician, pharmicist, or caregiver administering medication accidentally gives the wrong dose.

If your doctor, pharmacist or caregiver has made an error with your prescription and you have suffered an injury or illness as a result of this mistake, request a no-cost case evaluation with one of our medical malpractice attorneys in Raleigh, Fayetteville or Dunn. You can pick up a copy of Brent Adams' book The Truth About Medical Malpractice Claims when you come in, or request a complimentary copy here.


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