New App Prevents Child Car Deaths

Posted on Sep 18, 2014

hot car deathsA new technology may help reduce the number of heat-related injuries and deaths suffered by children who are left in cars.

According to Pediatrics, the number one reason a child is left in a car is due to a caregiver's forgetfulness. A parent, babysitter, or relative may negligently leave a child in a car without intending to do so. To combat this carelessness, a device has been created that incorporates weight detection, GPS technology, and smartphones. Starfish is a device that costs approximately $60.00. The system includes a sensor that is placed under a child's car seat. The sensor communicates with the GPS on a caregiver's phone. If the caregiver reaches a certain distance away while a child is detected in the seat, the system sends alerts to the smartphone. After 5 minutes passes and no response is registered, the device starts contacting emergency numbers.

Keep in mind, a caregiver may not have left the child in the car. The second most common reason a child suffers heat injuries in a car is because the car was left unlocked and they let themselves in. Under these circumstances, the responsible adult may be liable for injuries if they failed to supervise the child.

Children left in cars may not suffer a fatal reaction. Some children survive heatstroke, but the damage could last a lifetime. If your child was left alone in a vehicle while in the car of someone else and your child is now suffering from the injuries that resulted from excessive heat, contact a lawyer to learn about negligence cases and your rights in filing a lawsuit.