NC Workers' Comp Fraud: "Price is Right" Contestant Recognized

Posted on Jun 04, 2013

price is rightA North Carolina contestant on "The Price is Right" claimed they were unable to work, but exhibited abilities beyond their injuries while on the show. The North Carolina workers' comp fraud discovery was made when the claimant was able to raise her arms over her head and bend down to spin the show's famous wheel. The actual weight of the wheel has not been publicly verified, but on many episodes children and elderly contestants need the help of the host to spin the wheel entirely around.

The NC workers' comp claimant had been injured at her postal job in 2004 and she claimed in 2011 she was still unable to reach, bend, or kneel, among other activities, as a result of her on-the-job injuries. She appeared on "The Price is Right" in 2009. Investigators have proof of other events that showcase the claimant's physical abilities, including a ziplining tour in 2010.

The woman has pleaded guilty. This is one example of how workers' comp private investigators were able to uncover a valid case of fraud. Sometimes investigators are hired by workers' comp insurance companies to monitor the claimant's activities. They may use video footage, photographs, and more to show claimants taking part in activities that are outside their claimed physical limitations. Listen to your doctor and stay within the restrictions prescribed to you. If you are unable to carry heavy items or your back prevents you from stretching, make sure you:

  • Ask the grocery store to carry your bags to your car and have a friend or family member carry them inside your home.
  • Do not wash your car yourself. Have someone else wash it or take it to a car wash facility.
  • Make arrangements for your yard work to be completed by someone else.


Our workers' comp lawers in Raleigh know that some injured workers become anxious about private detectives because they are worried evidence will be misconstrued. Read about common detective tricks. Be honest about your injury and don't do anything beyond what your doctor allows. Learn about how to protect yourself from a private detective.

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