NC Woman Awarded Workers’ Comp After Fall At School

Posted on Dec 16, 2010
Can you receive workers’ compensation in North Carolina for an injury stemming from an unexplained fall at your workplace? In A recent case heard by the North Carolina Court of Appeals, a woman was awarded workers’ comp benefits after she fell while walking with papers.

According to court records, a woman who was employed by the Wake County Public School System was walking into a workroom toward a printer while carrying paper to copy when she fell. The fall, which the woman said there was no obvious reason for, resulted in a badly torn rotator cuff in her right arm. While the woman could not state a reason for the fall, she did say that the papers in her arms did not allow her to correctly break her fall.

The school argued that since their employee did not know why she fell, there was nothing to say that she was injured in the course of her employment. However, the NC Court of Appeals noted that the woman fell on her employer’s premises, while executing a task for work and during work hours. That is, the woman was simply injured in an accident during her normal work routine and should be given compensation for her injuries.

In North Carolina workers’ compensation cases, it is important to remember that often the cause of the accident – and the person liable for the accident – is not important to whether or not benefits are rewarded. Rather, it is usually whether or not the employee was injured because of work-related actions that is truly important to the case.

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