NC Traffic Investigation Says Woman At Fault For May Trooper Accident

Posted on Aug 16, 2010
After several months of investigation, the North Carolina Highway Patrol has determined that a North Carolina Trooper was not at fault for a collision that killed a 55-year-old woman and an 11-year-old boy. One 431-page report was released to the public, while another crash reconstruction report is being kept private as the police expect a wrongful death car accident lawsuit to be filed regarding the deadly wreck.

The accident took place on Business I-85 in May, when police officer J.D. Goodnight observed a car speeding southbound. Goodnight made a U-turn and accelerated to 95 miles per hours to apprehend the speeder, who investigators believe was going approximately 80 miles per hour. Although he turned on his lights, he did not turn on his siren, since he said turning it on would distract him from the road.

At the same time, Sandra Allmond and Taylor Strange, a friend of her grandson’s, were turning left across traffic onto River Road. Goodnight thought that the car was yielding, but instead it entered the roadway and collided with the speeding police officer. Allmond’s car split in half, ran into a ditch, and hit a tree. The rear end of the vehicle flew into the northbound lanes of the intersection. Both occupants were killed. The report does admit that the speed of the trooper’s car contributed to the extent of the car accident.

The report does not clarify whether or not two airbags in the Honda driven by Allmond were deployed during the crash.

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