NC State Fair Injuries: Alleged Owners of Ride Back Away

Posted on Jan 31, 2014

state fair injuriesSadly, there are injuries nearly every year at the North Carolina State Fair. Thousands of people visit the fair, try deep-fried treats, get dizzy on rides, and go home happy. Others are not as fortunate. Visitors and State Fair workers suffer injuries.

In late 2013, innocent fair-goers suffered injuries during their ride on the Vortex. A mother, father, and their teenage son were through from the ride. Medical treatment costs are already high, and will continue to grow as more medical care is required.

Just a few months later, the company that allegedly owns the Vortex, Family Attractions, claims they have no affiliation with the ride. An insurance policy, daily safety inspection reports, and documents filed with state officials prior to the fair show the opposite. These documents reflect Family Attractions as the owner.

Documents released before year's end show that Family Attractions had no contract with the North Carolina State Fair, received no compensation, and had not acquired personnel to operate the ride on Family Attractions' behalf. The owners of Family Attractions, a married couple, will continue to disclaim ownership. However, reports are surfacing that their son tampered with the Vortex's safety equipment. Their son and the man who was operating the Vortex at the time of the accident are two parties facing charges. Their son's name was listed on insurance documents as the point of contact for the ride.

A formal injury claim has not yet been filed. The North Carolina statute of limitations for injury claims is three years from the date of injury. The injured family has until October 24, 2016 to file a claim. Until then, evidence needs to be gathered and ride ownership issues resolved. Learn more about liability at the State Fair.

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