NC Pediatrician Accused Of Sexual Abuse During Medical Exams Of Young Boys

Posted on Mar 31, 2009
After a number of accusations, a North Carolina pediatrician has signed a consent form promising never again to practice medicine in the state of North Carolina, anywhere else in the United States, or anywhere in the world, according to the New York Times. The signed consent order has been approved by the North Carolina Medical Board.

Dr. Melvin Levin was a prominent doctor and author who specialized in learning disabilities in young people, whose teachings, lectures, and suggestions helped teachers and parents with their children for years. A Rhodes Scholar and Harvard Medical School graduate, the man is the author of several popular books about children's learning disabilities, including "A Mind At A Time."

However, multiple parents and children had stepped forward in the last year with stories of sexual molestation and medical misconduct by the leading doctor.

Five families came forward with stories of genital examinations that were unwarranted, unsupervised, and undocumented. The North Carolina Medical Board was prepared to hear testimony from the five families at the time that Levin signed the consent order. All five young boys were patients of Levin in North Carolina.

There are not the first cases of alleged sexual abuse by the pediatrician. In fact, complaints of sexual misconduct and sexual abuse date back over twenty years and span the country. While working at the Children's Hospital in Boston, the medical organization received two formal complains and a civil lawsuit regarding his actions in 1985 and 1993. A third former patients surfaced in 2002 claiming past patient abuse, although none of the incidents were settled in or out of court, mostly due to a lack of evidence.

The doctor has not been seeing patients for a number of years and has instead been focusing on writing.  

Since he has done much for the field of learning disabilities, the North Carolina Medical Board is allowing the doctor to continue is writing and lecturing - as long as he never examines another patients anywhere in the world.

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