NC Mother Pries Open Jaws of Pit Bull to Save Son

Posted on Feb 27, 2009

MSNBC reported that a mother from Kannapolis, North Carolina saved her son from a potentially deadly dog attack on Wednesday evening after a pit bull turned on her.

Marcela Bravo ran out of her house and into her front yard where her two sons had been playing to find the 6-year-old pinned to the ground by a pit bull. Acting quickly, Bravo got her 9-year-old son out of danger and into the house while rushing toward her younger son and the dangerous dog. She pried the jaws of the dog off of her son's neck and face with her bare hands.

Her other son called 911 and returned with a mop handle to beat the dog off of his mother and brother. When the pit bull turned to attack their mother, Johan ran his little brother inside to safety. Soon after, the dog tired of the attack and emergency workers arrived.

Nina Barkley is the owner of the dog, which she had rescued three months prior. Although the dog had been chained in her yard, it had slipped out of its collar. She was cited for owning a dangerous animal and has asked the Rowan County Animal Control to put the dog down following its 10-day quarantine.

The six-year-old boy, Brian, was taken to a local hospital where he underwent reconstructive surgery for the wounds on his face and neck. His mother, who was also bitten, received 21 stitches on her arms and is still wearing bandages. Nine-year-old Johan was not harmed during the attack.

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