NC Man Dies In South Fork River Boating Accident

Posted on Feb 24, 2010
Boating, kayaking, and other water sports can be especially dangerous in winter and early spring months in North Carolina. Why? Because high water levels and water temperatures are cold. In addition, less activity on the water may mean that no one witnesses your boating accidents and calls for help.

This was certainly the case on the South Fork River this month when two men were involved in a kayak accident in Gaston County, North Carolina. One man was able to cling on to a tree branch and call his wife for help, but the other man was pulled unconscious from the water. He later died at the hospital from his boat accident injuries. The man who called for help refused medical treatment. The kayak accident took place on Saturday afternoon, February 5. The cause of the boating accident is unknown at this time.

Rescue workers said that the river was above flood levels and that the men should not have been on the river. In addition, deciding to boat in such poor conditions was a danger to them and to the rescue workers who had to save them.

Gaston County Emergency Management Director Tommy Almond recommended that people not boat in the river in poor conditions. Flooding has been a problem in North Carolina recently due to the large amount of precipitation in the last month.

The North Carolina Department of Wildlife will investigate the cause of the deadly NC kayak accident.

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