NC Highway Patrol Conducts Operation Drive To Live 2010

Posted on Jun 22, 2010
The North Carolina Highway Patrol has begun Operation Drive To Live 2010, a special traffic safety enforcement that targets NC high school students. Beginning on Monday, June 7, North Carolina state police from all areas will be patrolling near high schools during the morning and afternoon, making sure that students behind the wheel are driving the speed limit, buckling their seat belts, and limiting driver distractions like cell phones and text messages. In addition, police officers will build awareness of traffic safety and ramp up enforcement of traffic laws.

In some towns, such as Greensboro in Jones County, police officers will do a live reenactment of a teen car crash that was caused by drunk driving. The ‘VIP for a VIP’ program hopes to educate students about the danger of drunk driving and make the potential for a serious car accident seem more real, especially as school proms and summer vacation approach.

In just the last four years, 682 teens have been killed in car accident across North Carolina. Many of these teens were speeding, driving distracted, driving recklessly, or drinking and driving. Other accidents happen as teens drive to and from school. Operation Drive To Live 2010 hopes to reduce this statistic be keeping a close eye on teens and educating them about the hazards of driving. The increased enforcement will last until the end of the week.

“Hopefully this will serve as a good reminder for these teenagers that are driving now, and are going to be driving,” Sgt. C.L. Johnston of the N.C. Highway Patrol told East North Carolina Today.

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