NC Families File Lawsuit In Wake Of Deadly Nursing Home Shooting

Posted on Dec 28, 2010
Following the horrific nursing home massacre that occurred in North Carolina in the spring of 2009, two families of those murdered have filed wrongful death lawsuits against the nursing home where the tragedy took place. Both families claim that the nursing home was negligent in preventing the shooting from happening did not do a reasonable amount to prevent their residents from being killed.

The families of 98-year-old Louise DeKler and 78-year-old John Goldston, both of whom were killed by the gunman, have filed the lawsuit. They are seeking over $10,000 for funeral expenses and pain and suffering.

The attorney who is taking on the North Carolina wrongful death case is arguing that the nursing home, Pinelake Health and Rehabilitation Center in Carthage, had reason to believe that their residents were in danger since the murderer’s estranged wife warned staff members that her violent ex-spouse may be seeking her out with the intent to do harm. In addition, the wrongful death attorney says that the nursing home did not have the appropriate security at their facility to keep their residents safe – a lack of surveillance, and unmanned front desk, and the number of locked doors allowed a man to easily enter the adult care home with a gun.

The shooting took place in March 2009 in Carthage, North Carolina, when Robert Stewart entered the nursing home in search of his estranged wife. The woman hid in a closet in the Alzheimer wing of the nursing home has her husband went on a shooting rampage. He killed eight people and will face the death penalty when he is tried this summer.

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