N.C. Nursing Home Under Investigation after Viral Video

Posted on Feb 26, 2018

The Pilot.com reports that Carthage, N.C. nursing home, Tara Plantation, is now under investigation after a former employee posted a video of an unconscious co-worker online.

Authorities claim the investigation started after the former nursing home assistant shared the now viral video where a female is leaning over in a chair with her head between her knees, with a pharmacy bag on the ground.

Stephanie Alston--the former employee--worked on the housekeeping staff, and her co-worker in the video, Rachel Hough, was a medical technician. They were fired from Tara Plantation after taking the video, prompting an ongoing investigation. Alston claimed she was wrongfully fired, saying she was attempting to protect the residents in danger. Alston proceeded to post the video on Facebook, telling the world that she was wrongfully terminated and that "this is what she deals with on a regular basis."

After the video was posted, the Department of Social Services, the Carthage Police Department, and the State Division of Health and Human Resources launched an investigation.

The investigation started when the video's content was reported. However, now, Tara Plantation is being investigated for their misconduct. Officials say no criminal charges will be pressed, and if any true crime was committed, it will result in fines.

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