More Improvements To North Carolina Nursing Home Rating Website

Posted on Jan 27, 2010
North Carolina officials continue to improve the state’s nursing home ranking system and website. These further changes should make it even easier to find information on NC nursing homes, understand the key differences between NC nursing homes, find the right nursing home for your loved one, and avoid dangerous nursing homes that could be the site of nursing home abuse or neglect.

One new addition to the NC nursing home ranking system is a search function that allows those looking for a state adult care facility to look for homes based on nursing home name, city, or county. Besides the new search function, the nursing home rating website has added a number of helpful link and online resources, such as the county Departments of Social Services websites and long-term care ombudsmen and contacts for the Adult Care Section of the Division of Health Service Regulation. Finally, the website now offers readers tips on how to best find the right nursing home for the elderly loved one who needs care in your family.

Another change in the North Carolina nursing home rating system is a move from a three start to a four star rating system. A full four-star rating is only given to homes that have received stellar marks for more than two consecutive years. Ratings have also become tougher this year, with state authorities making thousands of unannounced visits to adult care facilities across he state. In addition, the rating system now takes into account serious nursing home mistakes such as medication errors and instances of wandering and elopement.

Ratings can be searched here.

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