Missouri Bill Aims to Decrease Medical Malpractice Suits

Posted on Mar 18, 2017

A new bill currently going through the Missouri Legislature may make it more challenging for patients to sue for medical malpractices. The Missourian states that if the bill passes in the Senate, patients would only be allowed to sue physicians who are employed by the hospital. Doctors who have admitting privileges could not be sued.

The reason for the bill comes from a 2014 case involving two children who sued the Missouri Baptist Medical Center after a radiologist failed to detect their mom's colon cancer. Their mother died and the two children won the case.

Kevin Austin, a Republican Representative, believes it is unfair to sue a doctor who does not perform many operations.

However, several people oppose the bill claiming it will make it harder for injured patients to collect for their damages. In an earlier article published by the Missourian, Representative Gina Mitten states, "Each and every one of these bills are to create barriers for people to sue." Her statement was in reference to the assortment of bills attempting to make their way through the House and Senate in Missouri. These bills would place limitations on who people could sue.

The bill, 101-50, passed in the House and must now go to the Senate.