Many respiratory nurses not properly trained

Posted on Dec 02, 2007
Research has shown that more and more nurses that do not have accredited training are taking on advanced roles in the management of patients who are afflicted with respiratory conditions. In a survey, carried out by Education for health, of 470 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) nurses and asthma nurses, it was discovered that that two thirds of asthma nurses have an advanced role in the care of their patients. The number is 17 percent higher than it was in 1993. However, only one fifth of asthma nurses and half of COPD nurses who carry out advanced care do not have accredited training. Too few nurses have received the proper training in respiratory conditions, according to Education for health. The figures also showed that GPs were not always immediately available for patient referrals when patients were being seen by nurses. According to the survey’s results, 41 percent of asthma nurses and 45 percent of COPD nurses said that GPs were unavailable for consultation. According to Education for health, this means that sufficient supervision for the undertaking of their duties is not being provided for many nurses. A National Service Framework for COPD is scheduled to take place later

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