Truck Accident at Landfill

Posted on Sep 30, 2007

raleigh truck accident attorneyAlthough this truck accident took place outside of North Carolina, our truck accident attorneys in Raleigh want to feature the case here to show the circumstances of the accident, the injuries sustained, and how the victim may be compensated.

The lawsuit was placed against Waste Management after a man was hurt at a landfill. The man was allegedly operating his truck in the landfill just before the accident. He stopped in a designated area to secure the swing tailgate on the truck. At the same time, a Waste Management employee operating a separate truck struck the man's tailgate--pinning the man between the two trucks. 

The man suffered severe injuries, some of which are permanent. The injuries now prevent him from carrying on his day-to-day care and activity. He is seeking damages over $100,000 and is pursuing the claim against Waste Management due to the alleged negligence of their employee. The employee is being claimed with negligence, failure to stop and avoid a collision, failure to use ordinary care, and failing to sound the horn in warning. His lawsuit will be pursued to seek damages for pain, suffering, lost wages, and compensation for the required and future medical expenses for his care.

This particular case shows an example of how a truck accident victim may pursue a third party, and perhaps multiple parties, in an accident. According to the local news reports, the victim is filing the suit against the negligent driver's employer since the driver was working at the time of the accident. In other circumstances, the victim may have pursued the driver themselves, if for instance, the driver was the employer. Also, the owners of the landfill may have been held negligent should they have not provided the designated area the victim had stopped in to fix the tailgate on his truck.

The main message is that truck accident victims shouldn't feel lost. Although cases may take time to settle, out-of-court or through court, there may be more than one party whose negligence contributed to the victim's injuries. To learn more about third party claims, contact our truck accident attorneys in Raleigh for a free consultation.

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