Insurance Dispute over Murdered Man's Life Insurance

Posted on Jul 21, 2016

            Todd Chance, a truck driver, was shot to death in 2013.

            His wife was arrested on suspension of murder, but she was never charged.

            Since then, his wife, Leslie Chance, has been in a legal battle with Todd Chance’s life insurance company. But Todd Chance not only had one life insurance policy, he had four, worth $500,000 in all.

            Leslie’s attorney, Craig Edmonston, explains to Kern Golden Empire the life insurance policies taken out by Todd Chance were meant for Leslie and their children.

            She has tried multiple times to obtain the money from the insurance companies as the beneficiary, but they will not give it to her.

            According to Probate Code 252 in California, if a killer is a beneficiary, they cannot receive benefits.

            Triple A, one of the three companies Todd Chance was insured by, turned the $100,000 reward over to the court so they could decide who would obtain the money.

            Her attorney claims the money has always been meant for the children, but Todd’s parents do not believe that story.

            This is still an ongoing case.

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