Injured North Carolina Nurse Wins Workers’ Compensation Appeal

Posted on Sep 30, 2011
A North Carolina workers' compensation appeals court ordered an Asheville hospital to pay the legal fees of one of its employees after wrongfully denying a nurse workers' compensation following an on-the-job back injury.

According to Outpatient Surgery, registered nurse Terry Cawthorn was working at Mission Hospital in 2008 when she injured her back when moving a patient. She reported the injury and was placed on restrictive duty. However, despite treatment, Cawthorn aggravated her back several more times in work incidents throughout the spring and was significantly debilitated by May, at which point she could not even complete simple household chores.

By fall of that year, she applied for and received workers' compensation for her injuries, which included lower back pain, stenosis, and left leg weakness. However, her employer appealed the decision, claiming that there was not enough evidence tying the nurse's back pain to her job. Cawthorn was found to be in the right and then fought to receive payment from the hospital for her court and attorney fees.

In their ruling, the workers' comp appeals court stated that the hospital failed to properly investigate the work injury before appealing - and in fact intentionally disregarded information. The court also refused a request by Mission Hospital to further examine the case.

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