Icy Roads Lead To Increase In North Carolina Car Accidents

Posted on Jan 19, 2011
This month saw a slew of car accidents and car accident injuries across North Carolina as drivers throughout the south faced icy roads, snow, and other dangerous weather. While many motorists decided to stay off of the streets, those who needed to brave the roads sometimes found themselves involved in serious crashes.

Roads were made even more dangerous than usual when rain fell overnight followed quickly by plummeting temperatures, causing hazardous areas of black ice. North Carolina Police warned drivers of the ice and to stay home unless it was absolutely necessary. At the same time, North Carolina public schools were affected by a number of delays and snow days, with some schools seeing six school days affected by the poor weather.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation reported one serious accident in the Southbound lanes of Highway 52 in which an 18-wheeler lost control and ran off of the road due to icy conditions. In another car accident, four cars were involved in a serious crash near Forsyth High School.

In a fatal accident outside of Charlotte, 24-year-old Hannah Ruth Floyd was killed on I-85 when the car she was riding in ran off of the road in snowy conditions and slammed into a light pole. Police say that the accident, which occurred just before four in the morning on Sunday, was caused both by poor weather conditions and by alcohol. The driver of the car and another passenger were injured, while the driver of the car has been charged with a DWI.

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