I-26 Chain Reaction Crash In Henderson County Leaves 5 Dead

Posted on Nov 09, 2010
A horrific chain-reaction car accident on Interstate 26 in Western North Carolina has left five people dead and more injured. The fatal NC traffic accident took place in Henderson County on Sunday, October 25 at around eleven at night. Following the deadly accident, a tractor-trailer driver has been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. Now, after the death of a fifth victim, the charges will be changed.

The accident took place in the westbound lanes of I-26 near the Fletcher exit. The following people were killed in the car crash: 22-year-old Charles Novac of Hendersonville, 23-year-old Thersa Saver of Asheville, 55-year-old Gail Kimbell, 60-year-old Alvin Kimbell, and Amber Reid. Another woman, Laci Fredricks, remains in critical condition after the accident.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol reports that they believe the accident took place when 48-year-old Roumen Todorov Velkov ran into seven vehicles that were stopped on the interstate due to another minor crash, causing a chain-reaction crash. As part of the investigation, police will examine Velkov’s travel log and truck driving past. They believe that driver inattention or distracted driving may have been involved with the crash. Currently, they are examining the trucker’s schedule that day to determine whether or not he could have been fatigued or even sleeping at the wheel. They believe the truck, which was carrying cookies, was traveling approximately 70 miles per hour at the time of the collision.

NC Police do not believe that alcohol was a factor in the truck crash.

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