Hospitalizations Increase Due to E Coli in Frozen Foods

Posted on Apr 02, 2013

frozen food recallOver two dozen people have become ill as a result of E. coli exposure from Rich Products frozen foods. Eight people have been hospitalized. 

Rich Products affected by E. coli include frozen snack foods under the Rich Farms label. The snacks include frozen quesadillas, mini pizza slices, mozzarella bites and Philly cheese steaks. 

Individuals and families should not consume any of these products until they verifysafety directly with Rich Products through their toll-free line 888-220-5955. If you have one of the products included in the recall, the manufacturer will reimburse you or provide a replacement.

If you or your loved one has already become ill due to negligent manufacturing, contact our injury lawyers in Raleigh to learn how you can be compensated for medical expenses incurred as a result of the manufacturer's negligence.

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