Hospira Recalls Another Drug – Second Recall in Six Months

Posted on Apr 29, 2010
Embattled drug company Hospira, Inc., is facing its second double drug recall in the last six months. Both defective drug recalls have involved the same two drugs: Propofol and Liposyn. Both drugs are sold to doctors and hospitals across the country: Propofol is used for anesthesia while Liposyn is an IV nutritional product.

The voluntary recall of the two drugs took place on April 16, after the pharmaceutical company received a letter from the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regarding the drugs’ contamination by particulates. The same two drugs were recalled by the FDA in October after an equipment failure damaged the drugs at their Clayton, North Carolina plant – and at this point, Hospira believe that the fact that the same two drugs were affected in both incidents in a coincidence.

The FDA has voiced concerns about both the Hospira drug plant in Clayton, North Carolina and in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Specifically, the government drug agency was concerned with the facility’s failure to validate processes.

Hospira has been working with the FDA to fix its drug manufacturing problems – and is in the midst of reviewing the overall operating processes of the company. While Hospira’s stock has fallen on news of the second recall in a year, the drug maker insists the two recalls will not significantly impact the company’s earnings or its financial goal for 2010.

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