Hormone Replacement Lawsuit: HRC Medical Centers

Posted on Oct 17, 2012

What if you were taking medication or receiving healthcare treatment that has undisclosed side effects like increased facial hair and voice changes? A hormone replacement company based in Tennessee, with a location in Raleigh, failed to inform patients about these possible side effects. A restraining order was filed to temporarily stop practice at the company’s clinics.

A woman who received the hormone replacement therapy reportedly experienced facial hair growth and a deeper voice. Other news reports show that a doctor was held accountable for a patient’s overdose of testosterone. Raleigh malpractice attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates help innocent patients like the woman above whose healthcare providers have provided negligent care and caused them unnecessary injuries or illnesses.

This isn’t the first time a hormone replacement company has been the target of a lawsuit for dangerous treatment to innocent patients. Years ago, Prempo lawsuits were filed one after another on behalf of women who suffered life-threatening side effects. Prempo was the top-selling hormone replacement therapy until reports revealed that the treatment did not reduce the effects of osteoporosis or heart disease, but rather increased the chance of heart attacks by a third and strokes by over 40%. It also created complications in blood clots and increased patients’ risk of breast cancer.

There are effective hormone replacement therapies available to women that don’t cause unhealthy side effects like those above. Learn more about your legal rights in a hormone replacement lawsuit by meeting with a Raleigh malpractice attorney. Learn more about how medical malpractice cases are handled in the south here.