High Point, NC Fire Fighter Hit By Car

Posted on Dec 15, 2008

move over lawWhen responding to a car accident in Guilford County, North Carolina, firefighter Scott Stanley had an accident himself: a passing car did not move over into the next lane (as is a law in the state) and clipped Stanley badly. According to International Fire Fighting News, which reported the story, the accident took place on the I-40 business route in the western part of Guilford County.

In the wake of the accident, Stanley hurt one of his legs and will need reconstructive knee surgery in the near future.

The accident reminds others of the importance of North Carolina’s “Move Over” law, which stipulates that cars and trucks must get over into the far lane while passing and not rubberneck when passing accidents.

"I want to use this as an example to everyone that we as firemen need to pay attention and so do the motorists on the highway," said Stanley, who has served the last 12 years as a firefighter and the last three with High Point, NC. "When they're coming to the scene, it's important to direct more of their attention to the guys that are out there working versus the accident."

During the accident, the firefighter was pinned between the car and a fire truck that was partially in the road because of the traffic accident. The motorist that hit him had his eyes off the road and on the accident – an almost fatal mistake. Violating motorists can be charged if they cause an accident or if a law enforcement officer witnesses their neglect in moving into a farther lane.