Group in London Create Disabled Emojis

Posted on Jul 21, 2016

             Emojis, also known as emoticons, are little pictures of facial expressions, buildings, items, and pictures you can use in your text messages. There are several emojis available, but only one that portrays a person with a disability. An advocates group in London is now trying to change that.

            The group Scope has developed 18 new emojis depicting people with disabilities. A few examples of these emoticons include people in wheelchairs, people with prostheses, a guide dog, and a person performing sign language along with several other emojis.

            Rosemary Frazer, with Scope who uses a wheelchair says, “Emojis offer a colorful array of more than 1,800 characters to help sum up how you’re feeling. So it’s disappointing that disabled people are represented with just one emoji—the wheelchair user sign."      

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