Greensboro Cyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run Near NC 150

Posted on Oct 29, 2009
On Saturday, October 17, 55-year-old David Sherman of Guilford County, NC, was struck and killed by an SUV while riding his bicycle. The man, who was a vice president at the furniture company Sealy Corp. as well as a member of the Greensboro Philharmonia, was biking south down Church St. near Geensboro and just north of NC 150 when an SUV struck him from behind. Sherman died instantly of his bike accident injuries and the driver of the SUV fled the scene of the crime.

In the days following the North Carolina hit-and-run, an anonymous tip led the police to the suspected vehicle in the hit-and-run case - a silver 1998 Dodge Durango driven by a woman. North Carolina Highway Patrol officers reported that the SUV had damage similar of what they were expecting to find in such a case - with the car showing heavy damage on the left side of the hood and windshield where the biker was struck.

NC police say that the vehicle must have been driving left of center at the time of the accident, though they were not sure if speed was a factor in the deadly cyclist accident. The vehicle was towed Rockingham County Sheriff's Office, where it will be examined for further evidence.

The cycling community is mourning the death of one of their members, and recalls that Sherman was a responsible, cautious biker.

"David was a cautious cyclist. He obeyed the rules of the road just like we do when we are in our cars," said friend Dolly Jennings.

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