Goldsboro Plant Accident Killed 2 Workers

Posted on Dec 02, 2015

An accident occurred at Goldsboro, North Carolina industrial facility SPX Transformer Solutions in the evening on November 30, 2015. SPX is a large power transformer production facility. According to local news reports, an employee went to aid an unresponsive worker inside a transformer, but upon arrival the second worker also became unresponsive. A third worker also entered to help. An investigation is forthcoming, but it appears exposure to some type of hazardous inhalant caused the workers to collapse. 

Dennis Martin, 51, and Daniel Craig, 33, did not survive the accident. William Saviak, 40, the third employee to enter the space, is under hospital care as of this writing. 

Our condolences go out to the families and friends of the injured workers. Surviving family members of a fatally injured worker face a number of challenges after losing a loved one. The emotional grief is tremendous. Financially, surviving family members might grapple with the loss of the family's breadwinner. Burial costs are immediate and often costly. North Carolina worker death benefits help surviving family cover burial costs, replace lost income, and provide a cushion so that loved ones can start to rebuild their lives. 


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