Gastonia, North Carolina Man Suffers Over 60 Dog Bites

Posted on Dec 08, 2008

Local news reports revealed a Gastonia, NC man was attacked by a neighbor's pit bull on Wednesday, October 22, suffering around 60 bites during the terrifying struggle for his life.

Michael Quinn was mowing his back yard on Davidson Street in Gastonia when he saw his neighbor's dog Zeus had broken his chain in the back yard. The dog quickly pounced on Quinn, attaching himself to the man's leg and thigh with his powerful jaws. Then the dog attacked Quinn's throat.

"That dog was going nowhere once he had tasted my blood," Quinn said. "He took me down backwards on my right side, and then it was on."

All while trying to keep the dog from harming him further, Quinn tried to drag himself and the dog to the front yard, where someone might see him or hear his desperate calls for help. The fight continued for 10 long minutes, with Quinn even trying to stop the dog attack with a flathead screwdriver. Finally, he was able to wrap the broken chain around a pole and ran to a nearby shed. The dog quickly escaped the pole and loosened a board in the tool shed.

"I could see his eyes, and every time he locked eyes with mine, he was trying so hard to get inside the tool shed," Quinn said.

Finally, the pit bull left to chase another man. The man ran to his car and ran the dog's chain over to trap him. Zeus was then taken away by Gaston County Animal Control.

The pit bull's owner said that this was not the first time his dog had attacked a human - he is still paying fines from when the dog attacked a house guest. The owner said he would do anything to get his dog back in his life - build a fence or fix the dog.

A neighbor, Yatavis Mitchell, however, says she doesn't want the dog to return to the neighborhood for fear of a third animal attack.

"It should be put down because it's a fighter. If it was back out here it would take somebody else," she said.

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