Four Family Members Die In Raleigh Car Accident On US 64

Posted on Oct 29, 2010
A family was torn apart in a truly tragic car accident on US 64 in rural North Carolina this month. Police say that an initial investigation reveals that rainy conditions and worn tires are to blame for the NC car crash that took the lives of two parents and their two children and that left a third child an orphan in critical condition.

North Carolina Police say that 26-year-old Natalie Owens and 27-year-old Daniel Alvarez were driving home after a family reunion on Friday, September 30, when Alvarez lost control of their jeep as it hit a puddle of standing water on the highway. The car sped off of the road and landed in a roadside canal that was filled with several feet of standing water.

The family’s relatives were driving behind them on the highway and rushed to save the family. However, police say that Alvarez and Owens both drowned in their car, along with two of their children, one-year-old Ariela and three-year-old Zacharia. Their third child, Zacharia’s twin Ezekiel, also three years old, was in critical condition and was rushed to the hospital.

The family was described by friends and relatives as quiet, hard-working, and deeply religious. Relatives are staying close by Ezekiel and vowing to give him a loving home.

The car accident took place outside of Creswell, North Carolina, when the family hit a rain storm that made the roads slick and created dangerous stands of water. Police added that the tires on the family’s jeep were dangerously worn for such conditions.

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