Ford Engine Flaw: Fusion and Escape

Posted on Feb 27, 2013

This isn't the first time our car accident lawyers in Raleigh have posted about faulty manufacturing involving Ford Motor Co. Sticky accelerator complaints from Ford Taurus drivers prompted investigations after drivers were unable to stop their vehicles. Ford Explorers, the 2011 models with Electric Power Assisted Steering, were the focus of a power steering recall. A recliner recall for front seats in Fusions, Explorers, and Explorer Trac Sports affected over 30,000 vehicles three years ago. A faulty air bag recall for Ford F-150 models (from 2004, 2005 and a select series under 2006), was putting vehicle occupants at risk for unnecessary air bag deployments triggered by an electrical short, which can cause vision loss, facial reconstruction, burns and abrasions. 

Now, the latest federal investigation concerns a throttle body defect in Ford Fusions and Escapes. Over 1,400 complaints have been made that involve a throttle body failure. The alleged defect controls the flow of fuel into the engine. In the complaints issued, drivers have explained a loss of engine power. This could put drivers of these vehicles, their occupants, and other drivers on the road with them in danger of an accident. Loss of engine power means unexpected reduced speed and potential loss of control. Visit our Raleigh car accident lawyers' Facebook page for the latest recall information.

Mercury Milan and Mariner models were also part of the recent investigation.

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