Florida Man Attacked By Dog

Posted on Feb 15, 2017

A Florida man was excited to adopt a new dog from Lake County Animal Services animal shelter, but instead of taking home the dog, he had to take a trip to the hospital after the dog bit him. 

The dog had been at the shelter since December 15, 2016, and he had been known to cause issues. However, according to News 6, he had been showing improvement. 

The man and his wife went to see the dog Thursday with a staff member. The dog urinated on the floor, and the staff member left the room to get a mop. When the staff member returned to the room, they found the dog biting the man's face. 

The staff member hit the dog with the mop to stop the dog from attacking the man. The man was rushed to the hospital and treated for the bite. 

After the attack, the dog was held in quarantine and then euthanized. 

The man has been released from the hospital. The shelter expressed their concern for the man and what precautions they would take so this would hopefully never happen again.

"While the staff followed county protocol, we will re-evaluate our policies and procedures to determine if enhanced measures can be added to ensure the safety of the public and staff."

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