FDA: We Are Investigating Link Between Fosamax And Health Issues

Posted on Apr 05, 2012
Beginning in September 2011, the United States Food & Drug Administration will form an Advisory Committee to research possible health risks associated with prescription oral bisphosphonates – drugs often used to treat osteoporosis in postmenopausal women or others with bone-related diseases and conditions.

Some recent research has shown that the drugs, which include brand names like Actonel (sold by Sanofi and Warner Chilcott PLC), Boniva, (sold by Roche Holding AG), Fosamax (sold by Merck), and Reclast (sold by Novartis AG), may cause serious conditions, such as esophageal cancer and jaw problems. While a number of studies have linked bisphosphonate drug use to cancer and weakened bones over time, other studies have found that the osteoporosis drugs actually lower the risk of cancer or have no ill effects.

In recent years, a number of defective drug lawsuits have been filed against the makers of Fosamax – most regarding rotting jaw or dead jaw after prolonged use of the drug. Last year, one woman who suffered severe jaw issues after using the bone-strengthening drug won $8 million in a dangerous drug lawsuit against pharmaceutical company Merck. In that case, the jury found that the drug company did not properly research the drug or properly warn patients of potential side effects.

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