Fayetteville, NC Covering Legal Fees for Wrongful Death Case

Posted on Jun 16, 2015

In 2013, police officer Denton Little and Police Chief Harold Medlock in Fayetteville, North Carolina conducted a traffic stop. Officer Little shot a twenty-year-old man, Lawrence Graham III, during the traffic stop and Graham passed away from this injuries a few months later. Surviving family members of Graham have submitted a wrongful death lawsuit against the officers.

On the day of the shooting, a vehicle that Graham was riding in had been pulled over by officers due to a potential window tint violation. The driver and Graham were acting suspicious, then Graham led officers on a foot chase and displayed a handgun, which was letter revealed as a stolen firearm. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for possession of marijuana, driving with a suspended license, among several other charges.

Since the incident occurred as part of the officers' work, the City Council voted unanimously to cover any legal fees associated with the case.

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