Father and Son Injured in Lake Norman Boating Accident

Posted on Mar 25, 2011

lake norman boat accidentA father and son who were preparing for a fishing event at Lake Norman in North Carolina rescued from a boating accident this week after they say their motorboat struck an object and threw them into the water.

According to the Charlotte Observer and the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, 75-year-old Ronnie Burchett and his adult son, 41-year-old Todd Burchett, were fishing near the Highway 150 bridge in Lake Norman when their boat propeller struck an object and caused them to be ejected from the boat.

North Carolina law states that only children 13 and under are required to wear lifejackets, but many safety advocates stress that all boaters should wear life vests because of accidents like the one above. Neither man was wearing a life jacket at the time of the boating accident, though one life preserver fell into the water with them.

In the distance, Randy and Jason Edwards, another father and son pair, heard screams for help and saw a boat running wildly in circles. By the time they got to the Burchetts, Ronnie was sinking below the water. Both were pulled to safety and treated for hypothermia. The water where they were fishing was a chilly 54 degrees–a temperature that could be deadly if an individual remains there for over a period of time. Ronnie Burchett was also treated for water in his lungs.

Safety officials did not try to stop the runaway boat for fear of more injuries. The boat ran aground later in the day.

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