Father And Son Drown In Salisbury Fishing Accident

Posted on Apr 27, 2010
The Davidson County Sheriff's Office told reporters that a father and son drowned in a North Carolina lake during a fishing accident. The group was fishing in a small boat under the bridge on Bringle Ferry Road.

According to the Salisbury Post, a father and his two sons traveled to Tuckertown Lake to go fishing when the older son dropped his fishing pole and fell in the water while trying to retrieve it. When the father went into the water to rescue his son, he also went under the water. Rescuers tried to save the pair but where not able to do so. While the younger son, 10-year-old Vin, was not harmed in the accident, 39-year-old father Photy Chanthahevang and his son 13-year-old Blu Chanthahevang did not survive.

At the time of the North Carolina boat accident, Vin yelled for help and was overheard by Sgt. Anthony Sharum of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, Division of Enforcement, who was checking fishermen for valid licenses on shore. He called for backup from a friend fishing nearby, understanding that the current was dangerous.

Although a lifejacket was thrown to the father and hit him in the hand, Photy fell below the surface. His body was recovered later, along with that of his son. Laura Chanthahevang, wife and mother of the victims, was called into the Albemarle Police Department, where she was reunited with her son.

The family was from Albemarle, North Carolina. It is not clear whether father or son could swim, but neither were wearing life vests.

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