Fatal Construction Accident Halts Work On Oak Island Bridge In NC

Posted on May 07, 2009
StarNewsOnline.com reports that the investigation of a fatal construction site accident is delaying the completion of the second Oak Island Bridge as North Carolina Department of Transportation officials collect information from the contractor at work on the bridge and piece together evidence for the construction accident case.

In December, Jose Montalvo died when the concrete beam he was working on collapsed. He was tethered to the beam for safety. Aside from NCDOT's investigation, the fatal on-the-job accident is also being looked in to by the Labor Department's Division of Occupational Safety and Health as well as by Rimkus Consulting Group, a private company hired by Lee Construction to determine why the construction accident took place.

In addition, a North Carolina personal injury attorney who specializes in construction site accidents is investigating the case for the accident victim's family. The construction accident law firm is also collecting information from construction experts for their case.

Rimkus Consulting Group has determined that the beam collapsed because of a welding job that weakened support rods so that they could no longer hold the concrete beams.

The NC Department of Transportation has a six-month window to conduct their full investigation and issue any citations for the fatal construction accident. Until they finish their probe, construction on the $37 million bridge will remain halted.

Visit NC DOT's webpage here.
Visit NC Labor Department here.
Visit Rimkis Consulting group here.

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