Family Files North Carolina Medical Malpractice Lawsuit after Murders

Posted on Oct 28, 2011
A Charlotte family is suing Carolinas Healthcare System after a man killed his family less than a day after he went to the hospital complaining of hallucinations, depression, and violent thoughts. The relatives say that if the hospital had responded appropriately to the man's symptoms, the murders would have never taken place.

According to the Charlotte Observer, 33-year-old Kenneth Chapman went to the emergency room at Carolinas Medical Center, Randolph, for the second time in weeks, complaining of seeing shadow people and thoughts of killing his wife. Instead of properly monitoring and treating the man, he was sent home with prescription medication and asked to follow up with another appointment. The next day, he killed his wife, Nateesha Chapman, his teenaged stepdaughter, Na'Jhae Parker, and his baby daughter, Nakyiah Chapman. Two weeks later, he killed himself when confronted by authorities.

The North Carolina medical malpractice attorneys representing the remaining family members say that Mecklenburg County's mental health services are under great stress and that the system failed a man who was desperate for help. At the very least, the lawsuit states, the medical professionals who spoke to Chapman should have contacted his wife and made certain she knew that she was in possible danger.

The family members, who include Chapman's surviving two children and Chapman's stepfather, are asking for more than $10,000 in damages.