False Payments go to Veterans in Prison

Posted on Jul 24, 2016

More than $100 million falsely paid benefits were given to veterans in jail from 2008-2015.

            During an audit of disability benefit payments to incarcerated veterans by the Veterans Affairs Administration, the Inspector General (IG) found vets who were in federal prisoners receiving $59.9 million worth of improper payments. Veterans in state and local prisons had been paid $44 million worth of improper payments.

            The IG report states the VA must cut back on disability compensation to veterans who have been jailed for more than 60 days. The report found that in over 50 percent of federal cases involving payment of benefits, the VA unit that oversees pensions did not put a stop to improper payments.

            The Inspector General warned the VA about not following their instructions by explaining that $200 million more dollars would be paid in false benefits between now and 2020 if this was action was not stopped.

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